Family testimonials

It’s nice to know that there is someone there to talk to. Over all, things are so much better, we love it when we sit together and talk about what we did in the week. It feels so peaceful when Liz comes round. Home-Start Reading have been brilliant, and have helped us as a family.


Linda is like a member of the family, rather than a volunteer.  The children are growing very fond of her and when she arrives they run to the door calling her name.  For the first time, we are now able to have a few minutes respite from the demands of W, as he trusts Linda and recently went outside with her for 45 minutes, without us!


E is no longer the shy girl that she was and is now much more confident.  She has settled well in school and really loves it.  I am sure this is greatly down to Rachel’s support.  We really miss her now the project has ended for us.

EJ (BHBF project)

Charlotte gave me constant support – I never felt let down or alone.  Charlotte has dragged me from my knees to my feet!  She has attended appointments with me and given me the confidence to go alone.  She has filled the “emptiness” that my condition caused.  I now feel that my goals are achievable and I have a more positive future to look forward to.


Out of all the people who visit my home, Claire is the only one who visits for me. She’s the one person I look forward to seeing. She is always supportive and honest with me.


Having Michelle has given me someone to talk through my concerns with and help improve my confidence and mental wellbeing.  It has been really helpful that Michelle can sign (BSL).


I feel like Rachel was especially chosen for me. She is brilliant and has so much experience, she is wonderful. We talk about his development and Rachel gives gentle suggestions, which I listen to and can decide if I want to follow it or not.


Unlike other help you can get, I found Mums in Mind to be the least overwhelming, but the it made the most difference – especially as my child was in the crèche which enabled me to concentrate and have time to myself

CH (Mums in Mind project)

Pat and Sarah now feel like part of our family.  They have gone above and beyond what was expected of them through our emotional roller-coaster of a life. The support has been amazing. The best part of our experience was knowing that Pat was coming. It felt that all my stress evaporated the minute she walked into my house.  We are going to miss you all.


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